Gracie: The Allotment Gardener – 4

Words of wisdom. I have been growing veg and flowers for a while now but always love to talk to fellow plot holders and gather any advice or ‘old wives’ tales’ where I can. Now dear reader, I must tell you the sorry tale of Millie’s plot – It is covered in mare’s tail. Now as any established plot holder will tell you, mare’s tail is the kiss of death to anything that you may want to grow.

Gracie: The Allotment Gardener – 3

Where do I start? The best way I have found to take on the massive task at hand is to break it down into little sections. To avoid being overwhelmed, tackle a bit that will give you instant gratification. Always, always take photos when you get to your plot and take them at various times and then again at the end. It is easy to feel like you are getting nowhere when it all needs to be tackled at the same time and these photos, along with your flask and some shortbread will keep you going when you feel like it will never end.

Gracie: The Allotment Gardener – 2

Oh joy, oh joy to be found when one rescues fruit trees from brambles and grasses. Nothing makes your heart sing more than the sight of those amazing-looking pears which had survived all the attempted strangling of brambles to produce the most wonderful golden fruit that of course you have to sample immediately. Anyone who knows anything must admit that fruit always tastes so much better straight from the tree and an allotment tree makes it so much sweeter.