Roses Galore!

What a great season it is for roses this year! Although the first flowering flush is a little later than usual it was worth waiting for. To continue to enjoy many more blooms throughout the summer and autumn regular dead heading is essential.

Back to Work!

So them indoors were so busy this holiday weekend lifting the green soggy stuff that I really don’t like. BUT – where is a girlie to sort out nature’s callings. I know I went on tiptoes very reluctantly, then did dreadful things to the grass, but what are you doing?

Chilly Bank Holiday!

A trip to your local garden centre will see an array of all sorts of colourful bedding plants ready for the summer. But … frosts still loom and these tender plants still need to be kept under cover until the end of the month. Plant up a basket or summer pot but either place it in a greenhouse or tuck it up with garden fleece over night.

Back to Work!

So finally it is warm enough for gardening dog to get her paws muddy. Lots of supervision. And help required in preparing this site for some prickly roses of all things! Thankfully just old thatch to pick up and a couple of Quail to keep in order. 🐾