Back to Work!

So them indoors were so busy this holiday weekend lifting the green soggy stuff that I really don’t like. BUT – where is a girlie to sort out nature’s callings. I know I went on tiptoes very reluctantly, then did dreadful things to the grass, but what are you doing?

Back to Work!

So finally it is warm enough for gardening dog to get her paws muddy. Lots of supervision. And help required in preparing this site for some prickly roses of all things! Thankfully just old thatch to pick up and a couple of Quail to keep in order. 🐾

Eeek she’s back on her feet!

‘Hi gardening buddies! Well, no sooner does my charge lose that crazy moving seat thing than she has an extra pair of legs to help her walk and do all kinds of things Im sure they’re not designed for….extra gardening implements..really! Its great to be back in the truck making sure Im back supervising everything…

Doggy Trauma

So many excuses…that white thing on hers in charge’s leg and that cumbersome motorised chair means she’s been swanning around indoors for a change just ‘barking’ way too many orders if you ask me!! What’s happened to all that fun digging? Well her arm has disappeared into a slingy thing too….I have to wait ages…