Hi I’m Millie!

Welcome to my blog. I’m usually found supervising my owner when she’s out making gardens look amazing. Here’s my dogs eye view on what she’s up to …

Sunny Sunday!

When the sun shines on a Sunday I’m like a kid in a sweetie shop; what to do first I’m my patch?
Planting up Dahlias and begonias is a nod to cutting flowers and great summer floral displays.


Time Out

So, after a very busy run up to Christmas a working dog just has to put her feet … or paws up!Now the only way to stop my gardening boss is to sit on her. Well … it worked for a bit!!!

Eeek she’s back on her feet!

‘Hi gardening buddies! Well, no sooner does my charge lose that crazy moving seat thing than she has an extra pair of legs to help her walk and do all kinds of things Im sure they’re not designed for….extra gardening implements..really! Its great to be back in the truck making sure Im back supervising everything…