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This wonderful testimonial from a client, Laura Douglas, involves all the services you can buy in Millie’s Gardening Shop below: a Design Consultation, Shopping for Plants, Work in her Garden and all bought as a Gift from her sister!

“I can honestly say that from the off Carol was absolutely amazing. The process began with a consultation in the garden so she could get a gauge of the space and advise on the types of plants that would be most appropriate, being a complete novice, I needed lots of steering as my previous endeavours had been less that successful. We then did a follow up session that included a visit to the local garden centre where she guided me on what would be best based on the space and some images we had pulled together over texts. We stocked on plants and I left the appointment feeling really excited and much better informed on what would work for my garden. After this she arranged to come and line the raised beds and fill with soil and “Millie’s Mix”” (her special super food for flowers). Carol then planted the flowers we had bought together and educated me on the scheme providing context as to why certain flowers were placed at points around the beds, she suggested I make a visual plan with names, so I know what to do throughout the season and what to expect. I had previously been quite overwhelmed by the space (Alan Titchmarsh I am not) but she made the whole experience a pleasure and has offered on-going support as the seasons unfurl so I know what to do. She responds to texts promptly if you have any questions, no matter how silly, and was really reliable and really knowledgeable. I cannot recommend her services enough.”

NOTE:  Additional travel cost may be added to the shop prices for services performed in your garden if it (or gift card recipient’s garden) is more than 15 miles from Market Harborough.  If you think this might be the case, please contact me to discuss and agree any additional charge.

All prices are shown exclusive of VAT, which will be added at the checkout stage. (Except for the Gardening Gift Card which is not subject to VAT, though products purchased with the card will be subject to VAT.)

Millie's Gardening Gift Card

Buy a gift card that can be redeemed against any product in Millie’s Garden Shop, or against any bespoke services on the Millie’s Garden Design website.

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Millie’s Gardening Gift


Buy a gift card that can be redeemed against any product in Millie’s Garden Shop, or against any bespoke services on the Millie’s Garden Design website.

Garden or Planting Design consultation

Design consultation – ideas for your garden and planting design.

I will spend 45 minutes (£50) or 90 minutes (£90) with you in your garden, listening to your garden design and/or planting requirements.  I will discuss the possibilities with you and give you a written report on how to realise the garden design or planting scheme that you are looking for.

If you would then like me to carry out any of the work I will give you a quote and discount up to half of the consultation fee against the cost.

In my design galleries you can see some of the design projects I have carried out – both planting designs and complete garden designs.

Design Consultation


Design consultation: 45 or 90 minute consultation – ideas for your garden and planting design.

Planting Services

Ever thought that your border doesn’t quite work, or the plants don’t really thrive? I can help you make your planting look beautiful!
From a consultation to check what the requirements are to plant shopping together – which can feel overwhelming when presented with so much choice. I can make you a gorgeous planted pot or basket too … or you can have a go yourself.
Just click and choose from the options below:

Shop and Plant a Statement Pot

Bespoke Pot: come shopping with me for a statement pot (cost of hardware and plants not included) and we will do the planting together. Request a quote to shop for a pot and plants, or just plants to fill your special pot.

Consult, Shop and Plant a Border

I will spend some time with you in your garden, listening to your design and planting requirements. I will discuss the possibilities with you and then we will shop for plants and I will do the planting, or we will work on it together.

Work in Your Garden

Would you like some expert help in with your garden?

I can help you get started with a project and inspire you to realise your ideas.  Have a look at these galleries to see some of my design work.

Click and choose from these options:

Working in your Garden


How may I help by working with you in your garden?  Purchase two (£55), four (£115) or six (£165) hours of work